Stay in sight and in mind

By Ghalia Khan – DASHMARK Founding Partner

Just by walking down the street, listening to a radio station, sitting in your car on your way to work in the morning you are bombarded by above the line marketing in the form of advertisements. This is not all marketing is though, yet many confuse advertising to be the sole facet of marketing, hence they rationalise they don’t need marketing.

A small boutique store owner can have the best products available, have a great staff base and the best customer service but if no one is able to find their product, how will they sell anything? Someone by chance may happenstance upon the site or store and spread the word, but that word of mouth is still a form of marketing! As with anything, you need to invest money to make money. Investing in marketing is equally, if not more important, than the investment in inventory and even staff.

Try to think of marketing itself like a tree, with many brands like direct sales, advertising and PR etc all tactics that make up the different parts to your marketing strategy. Essentially to succeed you need two simple tactics: make great products and market them well.

So, do we really need marketing? Yes! It exposes people to your product/brand and without that you could never make any profit! Think back to certain songs on commercials, and when those songs play on the radio and how you sometimes associate them simultaneously. Those sort of advertising techniques are a subliminal way to get potential customers aware of your brand through a big campaign.  Search Engine Marketing is another method of creating a longer term marketing campaign that will bring in exponentially bigger results as the campaign ages. Search engine marketing is generally accomplished through use of SEO, (Search Engine Optimization). The basic goal of SEO is to make sure that when someone searches for the product you offer, it’s your site they find.

SEO may sound easy, but it’s actually very complicated, tedious and time-consuming if you aren’t an expert in the arena the time you would spend on this is actually best used growing your business in other ways. People like us at DASHMARK specialise in those areas that are essential in marketing and growth to allow your site to achieve its goal. When marketing is done badly, then that is even worse than no marketing at all so don’t try and make the mistake of doing it all yourself!

When you don’t try marketing, the ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ rule applies. You will lose brand visibility, and even clients you had in the past may forget about you. A steady marketing strategy is important if you want to stay relevant and if you want your customers to have confidence in your brand, because when times are bad and you cut back on marketing, your competition definitely won’t and there goes all your potential customer base… We need marketing to be seen, to be found, to create an interaction that will lead to the ultimate desired goal.  Anyone with a product or service cannot expect that “if I build it they will come.”  This may have worked before thousands of brands were around, but it won’t work online or offline noq.

Marketing isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t necessarily straightforward either. Here at DASHMARK we are able to help you with you marketing needs and build a bespoke strategy that is right for you.

August 15, 2017

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