L’Oréal Global – Active Cosmetics Division – eCommerce Trading & Visual Merchandising

L’Oréal’s Global eCommerce team wanted to understand where the beauty and personal care market was heading globally. DASHMARK worked with OsbornChapple and ICED Media (New York) to deliver personalised training, advice and recommendations to each country stakeholder within the ACD.

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L’Oréal’s ACD division wanted to tell a story on their D2C marketing channels. DASHMARK and ICED Media worked closely to ‘bottle’ just want makes digital marketing campaigns both compelling for the consumer and ultimately successful for the brand.

An exciting element of the project was meeting the ACD’s brightest and best from L’Oréal’s brand new HQ in Paris. The country managers were masters of defining the ACD product line in their locales. However, thinking about digital experiences is a significant step-change for all brands – even aircraft carriers like L’Oréal.

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DASHMARK has a profound belief in the symbiosis of traditional retail and eCommerce. We identified for L’Oréal’s Active Cosmetics Division opportunities within the consumer lifecycle of both digital and physical brand experiences. Our work included, but wasn’t limited to:

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February 4, 2018