L’Oréal Global – Active Cosmetics Division – Best in Class eCommerce Content

DASHMARK, in conjunction with OsbornChapple, embarked on a project with L’Oréal’s Global eCommerce team to explore, define and codify digital content.

shifting customer expectation requires a flexible approach

L’Oréal have always been at the forefront of innovation. Think back to the ‘because I’m worth it’ television campaigns of the 1970s. L’Oréal’s ACD division wanted a suitably radical digital approach for their dermacare range of brands.

DASHMARK worked closely over a series of months with L’Oréal’s ACD digital marketing and success teams. We collaborated to define not just the type of content appropriate for a direct-to-consumer approach, but the tone and feel deserving of L’Oréal’s client base.

thinking different

In Europe, the UK dominates online retail sales. Beauty and personal care follow travel services as the second biggest eCommerce segment in the UK market. Whilst L’Oréal’s core growth locales for dermacare exist outside of the UK; the opportunity to use direct-to-consumer channels to enhance the intimate nature of pharmacy shopping is a strategy forged in the UK market.

Getting personal

Trust is something a brand like L’Oréal has worked hard to earn. Preserving that trust in an ‘age of disinformation’ is something DASHMARK placed at the forefront of our recommendations and deliverables:

Get to know your customers

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February 2, 2018